9 Useful Tips to Find the Best Cheap Stock Photos

Are you looking for cheap stock photos for your creative projects? You may have already read a number of articles giving tips on how to find the best stock photos in the market. These tips are surely helpful, too – especially if you are a novice in the industry. Nevertheless, we are still giving you nine useful tips to find the perfect stock photos for your creative needs. We hope that these simple and straightforward tips help you strengthen your brand.


  1. Think about keywords. Start with a few simple words that answer the question when, where and what to find the perfect cheap stock photos in any stock media agency’s library.
  2. Dig deeper into page results. Search images on pages three to seven rather than using what you immediate find on page one to avoid cheap stock photos that have been overused. You might also find unique stock photos down the deepest page results.
  3. Add keywords to find the perfect photos for your brand. You can use these keywords to look for a specific emotion, filter, style, or perspective.
  4. Before you download any image from your chosen stock photo site, check out the caption first. Hover through the thumbnail to find out what keywords are related to the image. This will help you refine your searches.
  5. Consider the recommendation of stock sites. Some stock photo sites recommend similar ages to your searches. When you click on the photo you like, you will also find other related or suggested cheap stock photos from these stock photo sites. Check them out. Who knows, you might like what you they suggest.
  6. Remove a word from your keywords to widen your options. If you are searching cheap stock photos using a phrase, cut a word or two to widen your search. Being specific can limit your options sometimes.
  7. Sort by date. You can find recently uploaded cheap stock photos if you sorting them by new. Some stock sites allow you to sort your search according to date of upload.
  8. Use advanced search tools. Some stock photo sites have advanced search tools that allow you to refine your search. These tools allow you to search by color, category, orientation, type and many others. You can even refine your search to include people, their age and gender.
  9. Make use of a keyword suggestion tool to choose the most relevant keyword for your brand. Not all stock photo sites have these feature. But if what you subscribed into have it, use it to find the perfect cheap stock photos for your brand.

We hope that these simple but straightforward tips may help you find what you are looking for. Whether you are a novice or professional in the creative industry, you will surely benefit from these tips.